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2004 Presidential Leadership
News and Interviews

June 23, 2004

Presidential Leadership Editor Leonard Leo and Contributing Author Ed Meese were interviewed on several radio networks and a number of stations today reaching an audience of several million listeners. To hear their interview with Paul W. Smith on Detroit's WJR click on the station logo below. And thank you to Paul and WJR for permission to post the interview on our web site.




June 22, 2004

More than 100 friends celebrated the publication of Presidential Leadership in Washington, DC this evening.  At left below, Editors James Taranto (center) and Leonard Leo (right) are toasted by Federalist Society Chairman Steven Calebresi and others.  Below, Leo and Taranto are joined by several four of the book's contributing authors: From left to right: Calebresi (Introduction); Terry Eastland (Truman); Leo; Michael Barone (Grant); Jay Winik (Lincoln); and Taranto.

WLS could become an easy way out. Part 1
I couldn’t sleep, and I found this website. I came across this topic of discussion, and found no one has “chatted” about this issue. This could have something to do with the fact that this surgery is just now becoming more and more popular. I experienced this with my ex roommate. She is a very [..]

Integrating Yoga Part Three
If you have reached a plateau where you are beginning to wonder how to expand your practice of yoga or how to get to the next level, this article will give you definite positive suggestions and solutions. By now you’ve seen the video, studied the various yoga postures on FitnessHeaven.com, you can do the Full [..]

Word Association
A method more likely to succeed is word association. You randomly choose a word. Then you sit down and try to think of as many words as possible that are associated with the word. They could be synonyms or antonyms. They could be similar things or related concepts. They could be adjectives or adverbs describing [..]

Polling for Dollars
Being a teacher and a counselor has allowed me to spend many hours working with that fragile segment of the population suffering from schizophrenia. Those most seriously afflicted are prisoners of the hallucinations in their tortured minds. This experience has taught me to keep the world of sports in perspective. Wins and losses, batting averages, [..]

Can add fun to exercise. Part 1
Imagine for a minute that you are not a fitness professional but, instead, an average health club member. In this mindset, what would you think and how would you feel during a typical cardiovascular workout? Your routine might be something like the following: Stare at workout time. Pick up towel. Wipe sweat off of forehead. [..]

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